Rotational Matters

Wood Turning

Custom wood turning of small bowls (or boxes) and spindle based implements like Dibbers and Muddlers.  I generally use local Maritime Canadian woods, but have been known to experiment with Australian wood when available.

If you see something you like, please contact me at [email protected]

2022 Events for Rotational Matters

I have finished the Christmas Craft Shows for the season and I wish to thank people for the patronage.  It was very gratifying to have so many positive comments on my pieces.

As always you can contact me ([email protected])if you see something on my Works for Sale page (pricing does not include shipping) that you would like to purchase.

Giving the rising costs, some prices will be increasing in the 2023.

Stay Safe, Get Vaccinated, Keep Masking, Be Kind.

Many people are curious about the process of woodturning.  Please enjoy the video I did about how I made a beech bowl.

News from the Shop:

17 October 2022

Do you know what makes a woodturner happy? Burls.  I was given several this summer so I have spent the fall turning them into unique bowls.  I was successful in using my bowl saver and created two wooden bowls that Mrs. Rotational Matters refers to as a "Statement Piece" and the "Son of".

With several craft shows and Christmas coming, I am replenishing my stock of European rolling pins, especially since someone bought six for Christmas presents!

oak breadboard spurtle muddler

Bread Board, Spurtles, Muddler - all toasted oak

The Statement piece and the Son of - birch burl bowls

European Rolling Pins - $35

I make a number of products that are $20 or less (plus shipping, if re​quired) that are not on my Works for Sale page.  The pictures below show samples of these products.

From left to right:

Spurtle-$20; Muddler-$15; Dumpling Rolling Pin-$10; Wand-$20 (none in stock); Dibber-$20; Honey Dipper-$20 (none in stock); Spatula-$20; Spatula-$20, Spurtle-$20

From left to right:

Crochet Hook-$15; Brooch-$20,Mortar-$10 (sold)