Rotational Matters

Wood Turning

Custom wood turning of small bowls (or boxes) and spindle based implements like Dibbers and Muddlers.  I generally use local Maritime Canadian woods, but have been known to experiment with Australian wood when available.

If you see something you like, please contact me. at [email protected]

2021 Events for Rotational Matters

Thank you very much for the support you have given me at the craft shows I have attended this fall.  I do not have any more craft shows scheduled but you can still buy the works displayed on my Works for Sale page (pricing does not include shipping) and at the bottom on this page; contact me at [email protected] 

Stay Safe, Get Vaccinated, Keep Masking, Be Kind.

Many people are curious about the process of woodturning.  Please enjoy the video I did about how I made a beech bowl.

News from the Shop:

​I have just completed my last craft show of the season.  I have really enjoyed seeing people again and showing what I have been making.  Many thanks to the organizers of the crafts shows. I have spent many hours in the shop the last few weeks as I did not anticipate the level of positive reception that some of my products have received.  I'll be spending a few more hours in the shop as a very satisfied customer called up and ordered three European rolling pins for Christmas gifts and I also have some custom orders of coasters.

I developed some new products this year.  This spring a weaving friend (Green Apple Crafts) asked me to make some wooden brooches that could be used to fasten her woven scarves. So you'll be able to find them at my booth or hers this fall/winter.  At the request of the Miltonvale Park Senior's Program, I developed paper planting pot jigs.  

Then there is the possibly never to be repeated KINTSUGI-ish style bowls that arose out of experiments in August with repairing bowls that cracked while drying. Kintsugi is the Japanese technique of repairing cracked porcelain with gold.  I used a much more affordable acrylic resin.  After a lot of learning, the decision is cracked bowls are really just someone's kindling.  That experiment also resulted in the new level of face protection you see me holding in the picture.

I also recovered some older bowls when we sold the family cottage which I re-turned and finished with the buffing wheel.  Speaking of which, I am now using a buffing wheel and hard wax for the outside finish of bowls and other items.  And the finish is amazing!!!!


Kintsugi-style bowl

Planting Pot Jigs

Some of my products that are $20 or under (plus shipping) that are available for Christmas

Honey Dippers - $20 each

Dibbers - $20 each (for planting bulbs and seeds)

Wands - $20 each

Spatulas - $ 20 each: #1 sold

Spurtles - $20 each (for stirring soups, stews, and porridge)

Muddlers - $15 each (for brusing herbs/spices in drinks)

Bottle Toppers - $8 each; #2 sold

Brooches - $20 each

Mortar - $10 Each