Rotational Matters

Wood Turning

Custom wood turning of small bowls (or boxes) and spindle based implements like Dibbers and Muddlers.  I generally use local Maritime Canadian woods, but have been known to experiment with Australian wood when available.

If you see something you like, please contact me at [email protected]

Breaking News

Fri 23 June, 5-9pm, Dartmouth at Dusk; Alderney Market, Under the Tent at the Ferry Terminal

2023 Events for Rotational Matters

Its been an interesting spring!  Early on my sister-in-law asked if I could make a couple of Biscuit Cutters for people who took a Biscuit making course at her community hall in PEI.  I thought, hey that sounds like a neat little project; sure.  So I made a couple of prototypes and had my wife test them out; then shipped them off to PEI.  That was neat I thought, next project.  Bu then, my sister-in-law came back with orders for more of them ... and well I have now made and sold over 50 of them - and it continues.  


Of course I had a month and a half where my lathe tail-stock was broken, and then a river cruise in Europe; but it means I am behind in restocking for the autumn craft shows and will have to get very busy.  As my wife says, kind of a nice problem to have where you are selling enough to keep you busy.  Anyways, see below a video I made of producing a Biscuit Cutter.

In the meantime I have signed up to do the following Christmas shows this autumn.

1. Nova Scotia Art & Craft Show  (Friday 3rd Nov: 10AM- 5 PM & Saturday 4th Nov: 10AM – 4 PM) Cedar Event Center 111 Clayton Park Drive, Halifax.

2. 2023 Dartmouth Handcrafters Show (20-22 Oct) Zatzman Sports Centre, Dartmouth

Stay Safe, Get Vaccinated, Be Kind.

Many people are curious about the process of woodturning.  Please enjoy the video I did about how I made a beech bowl.

How I make Biscuit Cutters.  Not an Instructional video, but hopefully interesting.

News from the Shop:

May 2023

The story of Biscuit Cutters continues.  See my video above.  The lathe is back in full production, but we had a family trip to Europe this month.  The Rhine and Moselle valleys are gorgeous.  Hopefully, June will be a bit more productive.

March 2023

My production out of the shop has been slowed while I wait for replacement parts for my lathe.  After a second mass delivery to PEI, I still have outstanding orders for biscuit cutters.  I picked up some kiln dried maple and birch and and am preparing blanks for more biscuit cutters in hopes that my lathe will soon be operational.

February 2023

After some time away in January, I have been back in the shop. I participated in a "Fun Turn" challenge from the Nova Woodturners Guild. We were to make something from a 2"x4".   My creation was a matching pair of oak candlesticks.  I have also been gifted with a a baby crib that didn't meet code. Stayed turned to see what this will become.

In January my sister-in-law hosted a biscuit making course at the Hall in Miltonvale PE.  She had a wooden biscuit cutter that was much admired by the participants.  So she asked if I could make some - with a little experimentation I produced one that my wife then tested.  After posting about it on my web-site I have made and sold 14, and have orders for close to 20 more.  Not viral, but pretty close for a small business.  So that is what I have been doing in the shop for the past couple of weeks - biscuit cutters and more biscuit cutters.  Using up a lot of the mid-size blanks I had drying.

oak breadboard spurtle muddler

2"x4" wood for Fun Turn

23-02 Candlesticks from Fun Turn

Biscuit Cutters

I make a number of products that are $20 or less (plus shipping, if re​quired) that are not on my Works for Sale page.  The pictures below show samples of these products (plus the $20 biscuit cutters).

From left to right:

Spurtle-$20; Muddler-$15; Dumpling Rolling Pin-$10; Wand-$20 (none in stock); Dibber-$20; Honey Dipper-$20 (none in stock); Spatula-$20; Spatula-$20, Spurtle-$20

From left to right:

Crochet Hook-$15; Brooch-$20,Mortar-$10 (sold)