Rotational Matters

Wood Turning

Custom wood turning of small bowls (or boxes) and spindle based implements like Dibbers and Muddlers.  I generally use local Maritime Canadian woods, but have been known to experiment with Australian wood when available.

If you see something you like please contact me for pricing. Picture label prices do not include shipping.

2021 Events: Please come and see what we've been working on

Here it is, the end of May!  It is almost summer, but the shop is still cold first thing in the morning.  Just finished renovating a Shillelagh for a customer - that was an adventure; and I have started making shawl/scarf broach/pin sets to go with a friend's scarves.

At this point of the Pandemic, it is still unclear if and where I will get to sell in person.  In the meantime, if you see something you like please email me, or a selection of items are available at the Alderney Farmers Market Online  which is a great way to shop and buy all sorts of great stuff.  . 

Paper Planting Pot Jigs for Miltonvale Park Senior's Program. 

 In March I got a request from PEI for some jigs to make paper planting pots.  They had seen them available on-line in the autumn but were now out-of-stock.  Going from a picture and a reference to using a tomato paste tin for size I was able to build them a couple over the weekend.  A Canada Post package later and they have them ready for their program.

Now that's a great little project - something new, neat, and benefiting others.

Happy Planting folks.

Individual Price List:  

Muddler (for mixing drinks) $10

                               Spurtle (for soups, stews, mixing) Short $12  Long $15

                               Dibber (Dibbler) (for planting bulbs and seeds) $20 

                               Spatula Short $10 Long $15                                      

                               Wine Coaster $25                                                    

Bottle Stopper $8                     

Dumpling rolling pin  $10