My Gallery

Much of my work is found in Works for Sale and Sold Works but this is some I wish to highlight

Just a few of my latest projects

Much of the work I do, involves me letting the wood and lathe speak to me about what can be created but sometimes, I start with a project or a problem to solve for someone.

Dragon Coasters

This fall my daughter asked for large coasters to put down on her glass top desk to minimize noise.  I decided to make a set of four, all from the same piece of cherry. To make them more decorative, I decided to put dragons on them as she likes dragons.  I thought about different methods and decided on using a permanent marker after some initial finishing. I scanned Pinterest for some pictures and found these royalty free versions.  I traced them on to each coaster and carefully coloured them in.  Then a couple of layers of varathane and some buffing.  

Segmented Cremation Urn

In March 2020, my mother died and my father wanted me to make a cremation urn for her.  I choose two pieces of wood that had meaning for her - the beloved ash tree at their cottage and the maple tree that damaged their car during Hurricane Doiron.  The woods were glued together alternatively and the layers were turned slightly so that the wood formed a spiral pattern.

Reflex Hammer

My Neurologist neighbour asked me to create a wooden reflex hammer (either tip of the "hammer" end is commercially available and needs replacing after whacking so many knees).  I worked with him on the design, creating the appropriate weight.  The lovely red wood is jarrah, an Australian wood that was once part of my barbecue stand.  I have since been commissioned to make additional ones by specialists that have admired his.


How many in our lifetime have the opportunity to work on a genuine Irish shillelagh.  Sometime after it came to Canada with the client's husband's ancestor it was modified to tuck under the truck seat.  I was able to source some blackthorn from Europe and return it closer to its original glory.

‚ÄčPaper Planting Pot Jigs

The Miltonvale Park Senior's Program had seen some planting pot jigs online but when they went to order in March, they were unavailable.  Working  from a picture and a reference to using a tomato paste tin for size I was able to build them a couple over a weekend. Canada Post delivered quickly and they were able to start their transplants.

Flagpole Holders

Miltonvale Park wanted to display their flags during Council  meetings but the flag poles were missing holders.  After some experimentation, the two maple flagpole holders were off to do the job.